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They say ‘Knowledge is Power’…
Today we have access to all kinds of information and all kinds of knowledge. Starting from the quality of our educational institutions, to all the tonnes of information available on the internet, to the millions of wonderful articles/blogs/videos that spread awareness across so many platforms…we have access to unparalleled knowledge like never before. And yet, something remains incomplete. All the knowledge fails to “empower” us.


As George Bernard Shaw said so eloquently: “Now that we are able to fly through the air like birds, swim underwater like fish, all that is left to us is to live on land like human beings.”

I like to think of myself as a guide. I believe I guide people on how to ‘connect‘. Professionally, I work with a variety of techniques that work with the Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and the Soul of a person. I work with people in order for them to find alignment within themselves and connect to themselves and eventually connect with life around. I am an Integrative Therapist. I work with people in private, confidential setups and I work with people in groups that are safe and respectful. You could read more about my work here – Violet Hues Healing Centre.

In this site, the Violet Tree, I share with you my reflections based on my work with people. I imagine sitting below a mighty, old and beautiful Violet Tree, feeling the cool breeze against my skin and jotting down my observations and thoughts in a little notebook. And I imagine this Violet Tree speaking to me as I write, guiding me as I look at life in all its various forms. I enjoy my time with the Violet Tree.

When you go through this site, you do not have to take-in every word I say. Everything that I share is a perspective that I have learnt along the way. Take what resonates with you. And please do share your own wisdom and experience with me in the form of comments to various articles.

My name is Natesh Shetty. I live in Bangalore, India. And I welcome you to my Violet Tree.

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  1. Woohoo!! Natesh, always loved discussing and listening to your perspective. This is such an awesome initiative and a boon for all to be sharing your wisdom here. Looking forward and all the best to you.

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  2. Very nice article on acceptance Natesh
    When we start Accepting things with small things…it will become an habit to see things how they are and becomes an huge shift in the life

    Your articles were very inspiring.. and definitely it changes the people awareness to right things

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  3. Sir you are the most sorted person i have ever came across.. your guidance helped me to find what i want in life as i was going through the worst phase of my life .. now ever in life if i ll face any problem or question i know how to reach u and i ll get my answer.. thanks a tonn and i wish all the best to u also and god bless. Thanks

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  4. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this
    useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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