Remembering Past Lives

Sometimes people talk about experiences that might seem a bit far-fetched for the others around to believe. Sometimes people talk about feelings and emotions that are real, but in some way too intense and a tad disproportionate to reality. Some other people talk about images/visuals that come to them (either in their dreams or in their meditation or sometimes even when they are wide awake) that don’t make sense to the logical mind. 

It is in these moments, that we believe that their mind is perceiving something from a long-forgotten past experience. The forgotten past could be from an experience in a past life or sometimes even from the experiences of an ancestor that has somehow sustained itself through the lineage.

Over the years, a lot of therapists who use Regression Therapy, have worked with these kind of people and have found interesting resolutions to their issues. They go back to ‘visit’ (through the visuals that their mind shows to them) lives of people that have died already and are in some way connected to these people. Past Life Regression Therapists believe that all of these memories are stored in the Subconscious Mind and affect the mental/emotional states and sometimes even the physical states of a person.

Interestingly, 90% of the people who go through a regression session talk about a life that is somehow unfinished or not fully digested. I like to believe that the “Rest in Peace” has not happened in that past life. And therefore a fragment of their soul lingers on waiting to find closure and peace.
It is not very common during these regression sessions that we find people going back to talk about lives where they have been absolutely at peace and have died a conscious and peaceful death.

However, Past Life Regression is not something that works for everybody at all times. It is an extremely fascinating and intriguing tool to uncover the influences of the past. But it works only in situations where the subconscious mind truly carries a residue of the past that is affecting it in the present. 
(Of course, many spiritual seekers use this technique to uncover subtle past influences by accessing the larger unconscious pool of memories. But we will leave that for another post.)

This video attached below talks about the experience of Amy Weiss, daughter of Dr Brian Weiss (a pioneer in the field of Past Life Regression). Amy Weiss did not regress into a past life despite multiple attempts. Finally after many years and many futile attempts to regress, in one moment of crisis in her life, she did regress into a past life. Of course, this time when the mind “knew” that the issue was linked into the past, it took her to the root of the issue and helped her heal her condition.

Watch this lovely video that gives us an interesting perspective to Remembering Past Lives.

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