I Am Not Good Enough!

A lot of people deeply believe that they are not good enough. “I am not good enough!“, they say.

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According to me this is a trap. It can sometimes make a person feel like it is almost impossible to get out of this feeling. For most of us who feel we are not good enough, our mind naturally makes us focus on getting better and better, studying harder and harder, proving ourselves more and more, and ultimately trying to become so darn perfect that it would be impossible for us to feel that we are not good enough. 

Picture Courtesy : http://www.picturequotes.com/

But that is where the trap lay. No matter how “good” we become, it is never going to be “enough“.

The program of “I am not good enough” is built in such a way that the key phrase here (the virus in the program) actually is the word “Enough“, but it fools our mind into believing that the key phrase is the word “Good. We spend a lot of time trying to be “Good”. And after we become good, we spend time trying to become better and even better and even better than that, but not enough time trying to be “Enough”.


Being Enough is all about learning to be content and satisfied.
Being Enough is all about learning to acknowledge exactly where we are in our journey, reflect and recognise that this is the absolute best that we could have ever done.
Being Enough is about telling ourselves that we are free to dream, desire and want for more…but what we have right now is enough as well.

However, it is a practice to inculcate this sense of “enough-ness” into our psyche. It can take some time to really get it in. But it is worth the effort.
And when it really gets in to your psyche, you might just hear yourself say,
“Who I am is Enough; What I do is Enough; What I have is Enough; and I am Enough”.

I believe, when you feel “Enough”, you will suddenly realise that you were always “Good Enough”.


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