The Blame-Game

The Blame Game is one of the oldest games ever played. The game is extremely simple. It is almost intuitive in nature. Anybody can start playing it with anybody else.

In fact, many people start playing this game even as a kid. Kids start with blaming the floor when they fall down. It’s actually even cute when you look at it at first. But the game has begun for the child.

Eventually, people grow up to play this game with their family, with their friends, with their society, with their governments. Some people play this game even with God (not sure if they ever receive fair participation from the other side though). Some other people play this quietly with themselves.

By the time people become expert-level players of this game, they find themselves in a paradox. They feel immensely empowered when they play the game but they feel strange when they are not in the game. People say that this game is like an addictive substance – it gives you a high, but it ultimately makes you dependent on it.

You see, in order to play the game well, people need to be hurt. And then they use the ‘hurt’ to play the blame-game. And when they blame, they feel victorious. But each time they win the game, they need to get hurt again to play the next move.

In the end, people who have mastered this game to world-class levels, find victory in being hurt.

Isn’t this a fascinating game?


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