Type of Soulmates

“Important Encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”   ~ Paulo Coelho

 Soulmates are like the classmates we have in school. Every classmate is not your best friend. Every classmate is not even your friend. Classmates are just a bunch of kids who have started their educational journey together and are most likely going to finish it together. Soulmates are just a bunch of souls that have started their Spiritual Journey together and are most likely going to finish it together.

And, just like classmates, we have many different types of soulmates.

Here’s a list of 7 different types of Soulmates

This is the ‘Lover’ or ‘The Perfect One’ that we often associate with the term ‘Soulmate’. They may have come as the first love in your life. They might have turned into your spouse. They might be present as an ‘affair’ while you are married to someone else. They might simply be a lover with no strings attached.
We even believe that companion souls are connected across many lives and perhaps have been lovers across many lives together. And hence the love, companionship and familiarity is at a whole different level that is almost irresistible.
The Companion Soulmate would give you a space where you can be very authentic and share your deepest feelings. When a Companion Soulmate comes into your life, you would learn more about your own self. You might even start to like yourself more and see yourself in very positive light.

Have you experienced a time in your life when you were in a crisis, and someone walked in and helped you take the next step forward? Perhaps they might have stood by you as a source of encouragement and support while you found your ground.
Typically, these people might almost feel like ‘God-send’.
They will help you heal old wounds. They will nurture you in a very specific and deep manner. And often, once their job is done and you have moved forward, the relationship will just fade away. They might still be around as a friend, but you both would just know that their role in your life is over.

These are people that come into your life and wreak havoc. It is not uncommon to find yourself comparing the times ‘Before them’ and ‘After them’.
These are relationships that usually involve a lot of Ego struggles. You might often find yourself in power-games with them. AND YET, somehow the relationship would be very sticky and almost impossible to get off your back!
Think of people who you almost hate, but just can’t do anything about. These are also your soulmates. It is just that they are here to ‘teach’ you something in a very unconventional way. Perhaps they are present in your life to balance out unfinished business from across lives.
The ironic nature of Karmic Relationships is that, whatever it is that you need in order to create an end/change in the relationship is the very thing that these souls are here you ‘teach’ you.

Some souls only come into your life to empower you. They teach you with love and grace (unlike Karmic Soulmates). They nourish you, set a role model for you and help you grow stronger from the inside.
Rarely does a Teacher Soulmate stay in your life for long (at least as a teacher). When you have moved to the next stage in your life, their role ends and perhaps a new Teacher Soulmate walks in!

These are people who just ‘get you’. They understand you in a way that nobody in your life ever has. They make you feel safe and comforted. No matter the differences, there is something so common deep within that you can trust them even in the worst case. You can share your secrets with them and they would never judge you. These soulmates often know your dark sides even before you have acknowledge it to yourself. This relationship requires no maintenance. It is absolutely ‘weather-proof’!
Often, the Friend Soulmate would feel like a gift from the heavens that you would just want to keep for the rest of your life.

Sometimes we meet people in a chance encounter, maybe on a flight, at a party, at an event in your office where you meet a super-senior, or sometimes even a therapist/counselor, who is basically a complete stranger and yet doesn’t seem strange in any way.
You just know that you want to speak with them or get their perspective. The interaction is often brief and limited, but very deep and impactful.
These are the people who would say EXACTLY what you needed to hear at that point in your life. And you wouldn’t have taken it from anyone but a complete stranger. And hence, they are the Perfect Stranger!

Well, we couldn’t talk about Soulmates and NOT talk of Parents. Parents are the first soulmates we all have. Each of us share a very unique relationship with our parents. And it is the nature of the relationship that we share with our parents that sets the tone for EVERY other relationship to follow.
In a way, it is the parents’ relationship that paves the way for EVERY other Soulmate that enters our lives.
Think about it, if our parents were different, would you have really met the other people in your life?

Have you experienced a different kind of a soulmate that I have not mentioned here? Do let me know.

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  1. I have Read somewhere there is Wrecking Ball Soulmate
    This is someone who just rush suddenly in to your life and make You challenging in the life.. it is like an tornado hitting and forced you to rebuild things from scratch

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  2. Yes Bhargavi. I too have heard of that. I have classified all of those under the term “Karmic Soulmate”. Because I have realised that for anybody to influence you majorly and wreak havoc, there has to be a Karmic imprint that goes beyond the current life.


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