Is Tom & Jerry really for kids?

I loved Tom & Jerry like crazy when I was a kid. I probably didn’t spare any opportunity to watch it on TV. My parents were very happy that Tom and Jerry kept me entertained when I was not at school. Till this day, I love Tom & Jerry and I can have a hearty laugh at their antics.

I happened to chance upon this episode one fine day very recently. This was the last official episode from the Hanna-Barbara stable. And so I thought this episode was bound to be special. I started to watch it very keenly.

Well, the gist of the episode is as follows :
“Jerry narrates the story of how Tom fell in love with a pretty little cat and how he had to sell his arm, leg, home and life away in order to woo this Pretty little girl. Despite that however, she seemed more interested in someone else (someone with a bigger car). So Tom starts getting drunk. And then one day he sees his lady love married to someone else. Unable to bear the rejection Tom decides to commit suicide!

Tom tries to drown and die, but Jerry saves him just in time. But then he decides to sit on a railway track and await his death nonetheless. 
Jerry sympathises with his old friend and feels that perhaps death is the best way out for Tom after all. And just then, to his shock, Jerry too sees his girlfriend ditching him and married to another mouse! Jerry also decides to commit suicide. He joins Tom on the Railway track and they both await the next train to kill them.”

That’s the episode!!!! And that’s how they chose to end the series!!
And I watched it as a little kid absolutely unaware of what I was really absorbing and unconsciously learning!

Today, as an adult, I wonder how many more kids would have watched this episode diligently and learnt that the way to impress a girl is to sell your arm and leg and soul away in order to get her a costly gift? And I wonder how many more kids would have learnt that the only way out of rejection is the Railway Track? I really wonder…

Here’s the episode. Do watch it.

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